Coop – A successful cooperation through decades.

Coop has been cooperating with Brand Impact to enhance the customers' experience in their 600+ stores with in-store sampling and brand experience activities. Brand Impact is also involved in ensuring the quality of deliverance at an excellent level of over 98%, through a quality and tracking system.

Unilever – Global brand with adapted national activation

Unilever and Brand Impact have been partnering for a long time in all kinds of brand experience, both in-store and experiential. Although much of the creativity is set by the marketing department of Unilever, the artistic and creative influence is great in matters of adaptations and setting a world leading standard in the delivery of a brand experience unlike any other on the market.

Schweppes – Sustaining a high level of awareness since 1783

Schweppes is the world-famous beverage brand since 1783. They wanted to introduce a new line of product and activate the existing product range. Brand Impact received the assignment of sustaining, launching and increasing the awareness and market share of the brand. By turning the duality of the brand's perceived values and graphics, we transformed the activations to increase in the meeting between the brand and the consumer. The end results were as following: An increase of awareness by over 500%, The effected sales and increased distribution of the brand came to as much as 60% + on established product lines, measured through our tools of distribution.

Innocent Brand Launch

How about launching a product that is introduced as No 3 on the market, (with zero troops on the ground, spin doctors or distribution? Competing against global players in an everchanging consumers' pattern of behaviour, to obtain a success factor? It wasn't easy, but we demanded that a few more measures were taken to obtain a factor for success. One condition from our side was that we wanted to handle the following efforts in-house: Sales, Sampling, In-store tasting, Logistics, Events, Content, Merchandising.

All this was a synchronized process of different tools and timing to establish the brand and to make it grow. Results: After the first 3 years on the Swedish market, the products of Innocent made No 2 and 3 on the top list in convenient stores and No 2 in grocery stores.

Western Union – Transforms market strategies on the Nordic market.

Visibility is everything, especially in fast-paced financial services provided by a global brand such as Western Union. Brand Impact helped in designing and laying out a plan to increase the traffic to the committed outlets and partners to Western Union by increasing the need of money transfer among the target group. This was done through several tools: Lowering the bars to use the services, Education and information, Adapting the message to the target group. We also used a few new tools and strategy processes that Western Union never used before. After a successful try on the Swedish market, the cooperation was extended to the entire Nordic market with Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Henkel – Active brand awareness increase across the market.

Brand Impact helped the well-known brands of Pattex, Loctite and Pritt in strategically increasing the market share in the segment of adhesives for the DIY enthusiasts. A segment known for its slow rotation, maturity and fragmental impact on the end consumer. Brand Impact started by mapping the presence and benchmarking the entire market with the brand, identifying the opportunities for a market share. In less than 9 months, we increased the total market share in Sweden making it the No 1 growing market in Europe for Henkel.

Puma – Keeping track of competition

Puma wanted to increase its visual identity in the retail segment by enhancing the appearance of the brand and products on display. The aim was to reflect the brand experience in the shopping experience and how this can be sustained on site. Especially when this is done in departments and stores far away from the watchful eye of the brand. Brand Impact ensured the presence and proper communication set on site, making the consumer recognize the values of the brand.

Celsius – Moving your energy.

Celsius, the fast-growing brand of energy drinks assigned Brand Impact as its Brand Experience agency to work on the communication and education of the brand to its target group. The communication was set via a portfolio containing different sizes of motion pictures for social media usage and educational material for its brand ambassadors. The Brand wanted specifically to show their front figures and famous ambassadors, who through an easily learned method, communicated how the products should be used during training sessions.

BOSE – creating a world-leading in-store experience.

Brand Impact has been working with the in-store experience for BOSE since 2016. The aim is to create a world class brand experience during a visit. The purpose was to raise the sales and conversion rate by enhancing the total in-store experience. The plan was to ensure the brand's expected launches and knowledge among the salespersons. By ensuring that the communicated promise with the target group, BOSE wanted Brand Impact to secure a 360 experience – from the perceived environment in the store to the communication between the staff and visitor. 

 By working with this tool, BOSE achieved a new level of sales. The outcome was so satisfying that BOSE decided to make this a recurrent feature for the entire European market.

Planogram design in VR/AR

“7 of a Kind”, a manufacturer of ready base cookie dough, wanted to present its product range for a large retailer. The assignment given to Brand Impact was to add value to the category, and at the same time start a dialogue between the brand and the procurement organization. The aim was to show what a future category would look like, and push the development to the next level. The results were great and the products were enlisted and the launch was started in over 400 stores throughout Sweden.

57% sales increase

One of our beverage customers wanted to investigate where the best product placement is on the shelf. Our solution was to measure the consumer behavior through eye tracking. The study resulted in a heatmap with the best possible placements. Some of results were surprising, resulting in major alternations of the shelf. These changes generated an increase for the brand by 57%.

Merchandising and sales increase of an icon

Lindt and Sprüngli is the well-known iconic chocolate manufacturer, indulging the world since 1845. Lindt hired Brand Impacts merchandising efforts in over 400 stores on a weekly basis. The task was to use visual and tactical merchandising to increase sales and volumes on the Swedish market. During the first year, Lindt experienced the biggest sales increase since their introduction of the brand on the Swedish market 16 years ago.