Profit raise in retail grocery through better CX


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Todays grocery retailers are facing continuous threats from new competitors and setups. If this was not enough, consumers are getting more demanding and have the ability to shift to a new supplier or store without hesitation. The increase demands from the consumers are not for lower prices, obviously they are already getting that from the online shopping, but rather on a higher and more interesting shopping experience.

The reason to this is the nature of humans. We humans have the urge to experience, share and get inspired during our shopping. This is why over 50% of the consumers take pictures and upload it on social media channels when shopping in a physical store. Can you tell how many are doing the same when buying online?

Another interesting fact is the following: 86% of consumers value customer experience so high that they actually are willing to pay more for the same products or services if the shopping experience is inspiring. These facts open new opportunities for grocery retailers to enhance the customer experience in a new and updated way, and raising profit at the same time.

How can a retailer enhance the experience instore in the physical store? Its easy:

  1. First, start by listening to what the consumers are asking for. Not what you think they are asking for, but really go to the bottom and analyze the data. Henry Ford once said “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.
  2. Are you missing a window of opportunity that no one is working with? If you are running on the same ball or copying someone else ideas, then you are just offering second best.
  3. Work with your store interior. Consumers are buying an experience nowdays. Don’t stop this by changing a store layout, but rather offer new and interesting things happening in the store. This doesn´t have to be daily laser shows, but a combination of the regular instruments used in a new way.
  4. Get everyone onboard on the changes. If your blueprints are excellent, but the staff that will execute them not in the mindset, then you are doomed to fail. This is the single most common obstacle to achieve success.